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im new to this thing.... my pics, what do you think?
yep, im a poser x59485 :p
my names vicki, im 14 and i live in the UK...if you wanna check my livejournal out go ahead but comment me plz :) ive just been looking at some of the pictures here and you guys are so geourgeous xx

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Hey you all i havent updated in so long, sorry :) i am really bored and im in school right now, my teacher is cool and like lets me do things that she doesnt let other people special
ok i have to go do some project. well my mom's divorce is over finally, and today ive been acting really bitchy. so, yeah... i have to go do that project now. keep me happyt with comments =) byebye

my fetishes

Hmm... just a bit of fashion ranting. ^_^;

My mom gave me this black minidress of hers... I paired it with white flared pants, black sandals, a white bandanna (or handkerchief as a headband), and a colorful tie which belonged to my dad (it went on my waist). I felt this huge rush of excitement--I couldn't wait to wear it when I went out!! It hasn't happened though, and the outfit just sits in my closet... I guess you can say I lacked the courage to wear it in a country where comfort and conservativity really dominates fashion. And my own bad luck... my father is one of those conservative people (and yes, I am heavily influenced). *lol* Hope the day comes when I'll just... GO. To hell with the stares.

One of my best friends is my camera. I take it around a lot, and here are some of the stuffs I've made with it.

P.S. The first pic's big; I hope it's not an inconvenience. ^_^; If you can't see them all at once, comment here and I'll gladly give you the links.

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Hope you guys like it... =) I have a lot more to rant, but I'll save it for next time. 'Till then! ^_^
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heya i just found this community cos it had "pink lemonade" as an interest and pink lemonade rocks my proverbial socks cos it just tastes better than regular lemonade. anyway, this community seemed really cool so i just joined. im 16, from uk (scotland to be specific) and yeah just like keeping busy, seeing friends etc etc uninteresting, so shall stop now.
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