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my fetishes

Hmm... just a bit of fashion ranting. ^_^;

My mom gave me this black minidress of hers... I paired it with white flared pants, black sandals, a white bandanna (or handkerchief as a headband), and a colorful tie which belonged to my dad (it went on my waist). I felt this huge rush of excitement--I couldn't wait to wear it when I went out!! It hasn't happened though, and the outfit just sits in my closet... I guess you can say I lacked the courage to wear it in a country where comfort and conservativity really dominates fashion. And my own bad luck... my father is one of those conservative people (and yes, I am heavily influenced). *lol* Hope the day comes when I'll just... GO. To hell with the stares.

One of my best friends is my camera. I take it around a lot, and here are some of the stuffs I've made with it.

P.S. The first pic's big; I hope it's not an inconvenience. ^_^; If you can't see them all at once, comment here and I'll gladly give you the links.

A coconut fruit that's cracked open... you find a lot of these where I live.

View from The Peak in Hong Kong ^_^;

A bunch of flowers in Kowloon Park. ^_^

Hope you guys like it... =) I have a lot more to rant, but I'll save it for next time. 'Till then! ^_^
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